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Daniel Ząbek


Dr Daniel Zabek 

email: Daniel.Zabek[at]

Office: ITC, room 405A, tel.  +48 22 234 52 31


Profile: Daniel Zabek graduated with a BSc in Engineering from Germany followed by a MSc in Energy with Distinction from the United Kingdom. Dr Zabek received his PhD in the subject fields of materials and applied physics, where based on his experience on integrated mechanical and electrical engineering systems he filed a patent as inventor. Subsequently, he started to work as a patent engineer before being appointed as assistant professor at the Warsaw University of Technology. With over 400 citations in the subject fields of engineering, physics, material science and environmental technology, Dr Zabek is interested in:

  • Waste heat recovery and thermal energy harvesting.
  • Heat pipe heat exchanger and the capillary effect.
  • Forced convection compact cooling.
  • Pyroelectric and piezoelectric energy harvesting.
  • Multi drive electrical converters.
  • Wireless sensor nodes.
  • Sensor and actuator materials.