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EDPR University Challenge 2018

EDPR University Challenge 2018



What is the EDPR University Challenge?

The EDPR University Challenge is an annual contest that seeks to stimulate the university community by giving students an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to the development of a topic area or project in the fields of Engineering, Management, Economics, Marketing and Communication. Considering the importance of the existence of a close and collaborative relationship among companies, society in general and universities, the EDPR University Challenge seeks to encourage the participation of students and faculties in order to awaken their spirit of innovation and creativity. We want to give participants the opportunity to become part of this challenge so they may put the knowledge they have been acquiring through their academic years to work. This is one of the ways in which EDP Renewables collaborates in the training of our university students, by encouraging them to interact with the reality of the business world and society in general.

Which areas of interest can be considered for the projects?

The intent of the EDPR University Challenge is to support cutting-edge research in renewable energy sector. EDPR proposes applicants to develop their projects into one of the following broad research areas of interest:

  • Innovation: Innovative projects which will lead to increased usage of renewable energy sources with an engineering or management approach;
  • Efficiency: Study of technological innovations that enable increases in efficiency of renewable energy production processes;
  • Marketing/strategy: Business plan or marketing strategy for increasing awareness of renewable energy and/or promotion of the EDPR Renewables activity in Poland;
  • Sustainability: Environmental concerns vs. local development. The projects will be evaluated by an independent jury composed of members of EDPR, consultants and independent reference personalities in the energy field.
What is the prize for the winning teams?

Based on the experience in other countries, the winning student’s team may receive a prize of 15.000 PLN, while the second and third place may receive 10.000 PLN and 5.000 PLN, respectively. If the distinguished projects are developed and supervised with the support of a Professor, they may be entitled, as well, with an award in the amount of 5.000 PLN, 2.500 PLN and 1.250 PLN, depending on the classification of the respective group.  

  • 1st 15.000 PLN – 5.000 PLN
  • 2nd 10.000 PLN – 2.500 PLN
  • 3rd 5.000 PLN – 1.250 PLN  

All other groups may receive a certificate of participation or finalist certificate (if it is the case), in order to recognize their commitment and effort to EDPR’s University Challenge Poland.

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