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Gas Turbines and Gas Turbine Combined Cycles, T410


Milewski Jarosław

dr hab. inż., prof. PW - Zakład Maszyn i Urządzeń Energetycznych pokój nr 413,  e-mail: tel.22 234 52 07


The lecture is the opportunity to obtain knowledge of theory and practice of energy systems with gas turbine and steam-gas systems.

After completing the course, students have the knowledge necessary for all power engineering specialties and allow action to be taken in the design and evaluation of energy projects with the use of gas turbines. Students also acquire theoretical skills necessary for proper operation of these devices.

The lecture presents comprehensive information on gas-steam systems for both the design and operation. The substantive scope of the subject includes: steam-gas systems in the power, status and perspectives. Fluidized bed systems with boilers. Agreements with coal gasification. Gasification of coal for energy purposes. Systems with mixing and hybrid factors.