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2010-01-12: International Journal of Refrigeration vol. 33, Number 1

Ukazał się nowy numer "International Journal of Refrigertion"

A w nim:

  • Kasperski, Jacek: Rotational type of a gravitational ejector refrigerator – A system balance of the refrigerant analysis (Rotacyjny typ grawitacyjno strumienicowych urządzeń chłodniczych - Model termodynamiczny)
  • Tekin, Yusuf; Ataer, Omer Ercan: Performance of V-type Stirling-cycle refrigerator for different working fluids (Sprawność urządzeń chłodniczych opartych na obiegu Stirlinga (urządzenie typu V) dla różnych czynników roboczych)
  • von Solms, Nicolas; Kristensen, Jakob: Refrigeration plants using carbon dioxide as refrigerant: measuring and modelling the solubility and diffusion of carbon dioxide in polymers used as sealing materials
  • Liu, Jie; Guo, Kaihua: Transient performance investigation of the mechanically pumped cooling loop (MPCL) system
  • Sarkar, Jahar; Bhattacharyya, Souvik: hermodynamic analyses and optimization of a transcritical N2O refrigeration cycle
  • Laguerre, O.; Flick, D.: Temperature prediction in domestic refrigerators: Deterministic and stochastic approaches
  • Akasaka, Ryo; Tanaka, Katsuyuki; Higashi, Yukihiro: Thermodynamic property modeling for 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (HFO-1234yf)
  • Li, S.L.; Xia, Z.Z.; Wu, J.Y.; Li, J.; Wang, R.Z.; Wang, L.W.: Experimental study of a novel CaCl2/expanded graphite-NH3 adsorption refrigerator
  • Puig-Arnavat, Maria; López-Villada, Jesús; Bruno, Joan Carles; Coronas, Alberto:Analysis and parameter identification for characteristic equations of single- and double-effect absorption chillers by means of multivariable regression
  • Kim, D.S.; Infante Ferreira, C.A.: Effectiveness of non-volatile falling film absorbers with solution and coolant in counter-flow
  • Widell, K.N.; Eikevik, T.: Reducing power consumption in multi-compressor refrigeration systems
  • Kim, Hyun Jin; Kim, Woo Young; Ahn, Jong Min: Orbiting compressor for residential air-conditioners
  • Pu, Hui; Ding, Guo-liang; Ma, Xiao-kui; Hu, Hai-tao; Gao, Yi-feng: Long-term performance of air-side heat transfer and pressure drop for finned tube evaporators of air conditioners under intermittent operation conditions
  • Zhang, Li; Dang, Chaobin; Hihara, Eiji: Performance analysis of a no-frost hybrid air conditioning system with integrated liquid desiccant dehumidification
  • Qi, Qi; Deng, Shiming; Xu, Xiangguo; Chan, M.Y.: Improving degree of superheat control in a direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) system
  • García-Cascales, J.R.; Vera-García, F.; Gonzálvez-Maciá, J.: Compact heat exchangers modeling: Condensation
  • Fernández-Seara, José; Uhía, Francisco J.; Diz, Rubén; Dopazo, J. Alberto: Vapour condensation of R22 retrofit substitutes R417A, R422A and R422D on CuNi turbo C tubes
  • Huang, Xiangchao; Ding, Guoliang; Hu, Haitao; Zhu, Yu; Peng, Hao; Gao, Yifeng; Deng, Bin: Influence of oil on flow condensation heat transfer of R410A inside 4.18mm and 1.6mm inner diameter horizontal smooth tubes
  • Cho, Jin Min; Kim, Yong Jin; Kim, Min Soo: Experimental studies on the characteristics of evaporative heat transfer and pressure drop of CO2/propane mixtures in horizontal and vertical smooth and micro-fin tubes
  • Minea, V. : Improvements of high-temperature drying heat pumps
  • Bédécarrats, Jean-Pierre; David, Thomas; Castaing-Lasvignottes, Jean: Ice slurry production using supercooling phenomenon
  • Awad, M.M.: Comments on “Experimental investigation and correlation of two-phase frictional pressure drop of R410A–oil mixture flow boiling in a 5 mm microfin tube” Int. J. Refrigeration 32/1 (2009) 150–161, by Ding, G., Hu, H., Huang, X., Deng, B., and Gao, Y.
  • Ding, Guoliang; Hu, Haitao: Answer to comments by M.M. Awad on “Experimental investigation and correlation of two-phase frictional pressure drop of R410A-oil mixture flow boiling in a 5 mm microfin tube”