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Solar Energy in Buildings: Thermal Balance for Efficient Heating and Cooling

Solar Energy in Buildings
Dorota Chwieduk
Elsevier, 2014
Solar Energy in Buildings presents solar radiation fundamentals and their applications in buildings, supported by theoretical analysis and results of original simulation studies in solar energy availability, collection, and conversion for both active and passive use. In-depth coverage of energy balance and heat transfer in building envelopes is supported by the inclusion of calculations and case studies, while contextualizing within an integrated design approach.

Solar Energy in Buildings, 1st Edition

Chapter 1 - Solar Radiation – Fundamentals

Chapter 2 - Availability of Solar Radiation on the Earth

Chapter 3 - Shaping Building Envelope with Regard to Incident Solar Radiation

Chapter 4 - Photothermal Conversion in A Building

Chapter 5 - Passive Utilization of Solar Energy In A Building

Chapter 6 - Energy Balance of A Building With Regard To Solar Radiation Exposure

Chapter 7 - Active Solar Systems in Buildings

Chapter 8 - Buildings "Aware" of Solar Energy Impact